Why Chris Anderson Cloud?

Chris Anderson · May 11, 2020

This site serves two purposes:

  1. As you’ve guessed from the title, I am interested in all things cloud. Mostly I will be writing/posting about random interesting things I’ve found online or have automated around the house.
  2. You’ll also find information supporting my professional career as a Distinguished Product Manager at Cisco focusing on Duo Security and all things identity with a strong passion for federation. If you are new to the identity space, specifically, SAML, then I recommend checking out this blog post: The Beer Drinker’s Guide to SAML. The information on this site will include:
    1. The documentation will be focused on integrating Duo SSO, as an identity provider (IdP) with other service providers (SP). This will be detailed step by step directions to help you also configure such integrations!
    2. Things I find interesting in the identity world, especifically funding and aquisitions occuring in the space!

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